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Submit your Short Story or Poem

We are so excited to open submissions for a new short story/poetry anthology.

What is it?

A collection of horror stories inspired by the Seacoast region between Plum Island, Massachussets and Kennebunkport, Maine, written by locals.

Submission Guidelines

  • To be considered, you must be a resident of the Seacoast area.

  • Please submit a summary of your plot and a few pages of content. If you have a completed piece that has not yet been published but you believe fits the guidelines, feel free to send it. If you're submitting a poem, please include a few stanzas.

  • The deadline for submissions is March 15th

  • Not all submissions will be accepted, but there will be an effort to include as many people as possible.

  • If your concept is selected, you will be sent a contract to establish due dates, payment, and drafting expectations.

  • Your final short story will be between 1000-7000 words. Poetry is expected to be shorter. Please indicate roughly how long you anticipate your piece will be.

Your stories should be...

  • Creepy. Scary. Unsettling.

  • Specific to our Seacoast in setting, style, history, vibe, etc

  • Supernatural and/or historical fiction over nonfiction (though there may be some flexibility here depending on the concept)

  • A showcase of your unique style and perspective.

  • Devoid of AI generated content

Please email your submission to:

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